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InfoSalutis was created by medical doctors with broad experience in Cardiology and preventive medicine, and great expertise in producing and publishing health information online.

These doctors developed the disease risk educative management concept, which brings together the creation of the user’s health profiles and behavioral changes, and created the WebSalutis system. Today, after four years in the market, InfoSalutis has over 60,000 users registered on its databank, and over 150 companies have used the WebSalutis system for preventing disease and promoting health.

Knowing that detrimental health habits are not only the source of disease, but also of production potential loss and a large part of health costs, InfoSalutis widened the WebSalutis system, developing a module that is focused on predicting and analyzing costs. The main goal of this new module is to outline and analyses health costs in companies, predicting future expenses.

Our Team

Milton Torres


Fabrício Braga, MD, MSC

Medical Director

José Kezen, MD


Augusto Neno, MD


Carlos Eduardo Reis, MD


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